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They are used at 4-6 m heights for pedestrian-parking area outdoor lighting systems.


•     It has a long life span (50000- 80000 hours),

•     It allows more than 55% energy saving,

•     80% reduction in maintenance cost,

•     Does not contain UV (ultra violet) and it is corrosion-resistant,

•     Environmentally friendly (does not contain mercury),

•     Applicable to the current street light poles,

•     Instant light up, delay free,

•     Dimmable,

•     Resistant to changes in network voltage,

•     Color Recycle Index (CRI) is higher than 70 (Ra>70)

•     Resistant to vibration,

•     Radiation free,

•     Is prepared to sodium and mercury vapor lamps due to continuous development of LED technology and largely to be used in the future and superior technical features.

Product Details
Weight:6,2 kg
Warranty:2 Years
Operating Voltage and Frequency Range:220 V AC - 240 V ac
Operating Temperature:-40˚ C~+50˚ C
Protection Class:IP66
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