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The purpose of usage for  Vehicle Signal Lights is to provide the drivers with necessary warnings  by reflecting red, yellow and green light  with respect to the commanding signal coming from Traffic Signal Controller. 

Signal Unit: %100   polycarbonate material, including housing, cover, visor and mounting bracket.,

Signal Transmitter Module: The component which shows  the color or figure to vehicle and pedestrian with the energy receives from the Traffic Signal Controller. 

Signal Lamp have Signal unit and Signal Trasmiter.  Vehicle Signal Lights include following items;

•      Signal unit includes 3 modules,

•      The Unit  includes 3 signal transmitter modules as (red, yellow and green) from top to bottom,

•      3 visors,

•      2 mounting brackets.

Product Details
Warranty:2 Years
Power Factor:>0.9
Operating Voltage and Frequency Range:230 V AC, 50 Hz
Operating Temperature:-40˚ C~+60˚ C
Diameter:100mm / 200mm / 300mm
Signal Class:3
Standards:TS EN 12368
Power Consumption:3,5 watts - 12 watts
Color :Black
Protection Class:IP65
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