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About Us

ISBAK Istanbul IT and Smart City Technologies Inc.

ISBAK Istanbul IT and Smart City Technologies Inc. has been established by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in year 1986 with the purpose of providing project design and implementation services through traffic and system engineering. Our company, which also carried out the vehicle maintenance and repair services of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality along with traffic signalization works of Istanbul during the first years of its foundation, extended its area of operations with establishment of its Research and Development department in 1995 and started professional works in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems with traffic signalization being in the leading position.

ISBAK, Architect of the Smart City

ISBAK, having renewed its mission, vision and value in order to transfer its experience in Intelligent Transportation Systems into Smart City solutions, continues its works as the Architect of Smart Cities in Turkey and in the World. The planning carried out in the Intelligent Transportation Systems, Research and Development activities and implementations provide the means for the city to be safer, more comfortable and greener. ISBAK, presenting alternative solutions to the traffic problem with the help of the smart transportation systems it has developed; provides significant contributions to establishment of sustainable cities with enhanced quality of life in the world with its innovative solutions introduced to traffic management.

With the help of the licensed Research of Development Center that ISBAK has put into operation within its structure in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems of Turkey, it transforms its expertise in the field of traffic management systems into innovative and efficient solutions and represents the technology side of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

ISBAK with its experience of 30 years,

Smart City Technology and Applications,

Intelligent Transportation Systems,

Transportation Planning and Geographical Information Systems,

Communication-Vision and City Safety Management System,

Intelligent Lighting System,

Tunnel Management System,

Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management System

It produces new and domestic technologies in the above-mentioned areas and aims to solve the traffic problem not only Istanbul but also in other large domestic and foreign metropolises.